Studia Borbonica, International Journal of Studies on the House of Bourbon is an international, scientific journal edited by Accademia ‘Maria Luisa di Borbone’.

It is committed to hosting original and critical studies on the Bourbon dynasty in its various branches, with no chronological or topical limits and covering a full range of subjects: from military history to ecclesiastical, political or economic history, from heraldry, sigillography, diplomatics, history of dynasties, to history of art and architecture, archival science, literature, numismatics or musicology. It is also intended as a venue for debates and as an instrument to provide updated information about current research on the topic at an international level, thus hosting critical notes, discussions and reviews.

A journal focusing on the Bourbon dynasty all-round was, to the present day, inexistent; thus, it was decided to create the present publication, aware of how the Bourbon dynasty influenced, especially during Modern Age, the events which took place on the European continent and in the whole world, and sure of how research on this subject can be fruitful, particularly if conducted from the most diverse disciplinary perspectives. The intention is also to stand in sharp contrast with every form of factionalism and neo-Borbonism, so as to demonstrate how it is possible to objectively study the topic with impartiality.